All rules to be adhered to for a comfortable stay for yourself and others


  1. All Payments should be made only to the account mentioned below only. DO NOT PAY TO STAFF ACCOUNTS UNDER ANY CONDITION.
    Account Name : Rajendra Babu M

UPI id : 9945800198@okbizaxis

Account No. : 913010041131534

IFSC Code : UTIB0001506

Bank : Axis Bank

Branch : Koramangala 80 ft road, Bangalore 560034

  1. While moving in, following payment to be made:

    1. Security deposit equivalent to one month of rent

    2. Monthly rent to be paid in advance before 5th of month

  2. Rent to be prepaid before the 5th of the month. After 5th, a fine of Rs. 100 will be charged for each day of delay in rent payment. Failure to pay rent by the 15th of a month will attract strict action and the tenant will be requested to vacate.


  1. Room may be inspected by Management and its representative at any time, for any issues.

  2. Sanitary waste is to be disposed of in specific bins kept on every floor. Bins will be emptied everyday.

  3. Rooms and toilets must be kept clean. Damage due to poor maintenance in the form of insect infestations, stains etc will be deducted from deposit.

  4. Photographs, posters etc must not be pasted on walls, as this damages the paint.

  5. Misuse of electricity, water and other facilities will be liable to penalty.

    1. Gas cylinder is not to be used in rooms for safety reasons

    2. Use of extra appliances like induction stove, electric rice cooker etc inside room is not permissible

    3. For special requirements, appliances can be used with prior permission only

  6. Residents are requested to respect the privacy of the fellow resident. Loud phone calls, disturbing music etc must be avoided.

  7. No visitors are allowed in the rooms. Only persons who have submitted ID proof during registration will be allowed inside.

  8. Pets are not allowed.


  1. Terms for vacating room are as follows

    • 30 day notice period is to be given through mail to rbhospitalityblr@gmail.com

    • Deposit will be refunded after deducting Rs. 2000 for maintenance after notice period of 30 days.

    • Any damages, liabilities or payable will also be deducted from the deposit.

  1. Security deposit can NOT be adjusted for rent.


  1. The premises shall not be used for business or illegal purposes.

  2. The resident shall not misuse premises for any immoral, unsocial or unapproved purposes and shall not create any nuisance. Tenants creating any such disturbance will be asked to vacate. Strictly no drugs, alcohol or cigarettes allowed in the building.

  3. In case of accident, suicide, health, personal act of irresponsibility of any tenant, the management would not be responsible nor answerable.

  4. Management is not responsible for the safety of the tenant outside the premises.

  5. Delivery agents are not allowed inside the premises. Items must be picked from the entrance.

  6. Management is not responsible for loss of valuables like cash, mobile, laptop, jewellery, atm cards etc. Please be responsible for your belongings.

  7. Rules are subject to revision. Changes will be informed to tenants.

  8. All disputes will be in the jurisdiction of Bangalore only.

  9. All communication is to happen via mail only. Verbal communication or communication via other platforms will not be considered official. Mail : rbhospitalityblr@gmail.com